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Sex Magic. An Introduction

Sex Magic is the total connection between lovers bodies, flowing energy from positive to negative to create a feedback loop or Mekabah, resulting in the most powerful release of sexual fluids to which a manifesation of everything and anything is possible.

Sex is a force created between bodies. Our sex holds a regenerating as well as a generating force. Our sexual fluids are what drive our creativity, passions and energy. This is the sexual union of the our astral bodies. All sex has magical energy attached to it. This is why who you choose the connect with matters.

Many people use the act of sex is mostly done for pleasure and the sensations that they get from having intercourse. When engaging in rituals of sex magic, sex becomes a form of soul or astral union, connection more than just a temporary way of indulging in pleasure.

To respect and understand sex as a magical ritual, is to understand that sex is not to be used, or devalued through gifting your energy to unworthy people or self gratifying pursuits.

The act of sex is simply one of the most abused and least understood of human behaviors. It is often the people who do not understand the implications of sex and what it does to us spiritually, who are easily taken advantage of, and who in turn use this spiritual ignorance for their material or sexual selfish gain, perpetuating a ripple of dark energy that makes people fear sex.

When we have sex with someone, we literally become one with that person’s astral body. The true astral body receives its creative energy through our sexual energy which acts like a conduit to our physical body. It is the importance of reserving this creative energy, only for those who are worthy. By creating a distinction of worthiness you are telling the universe you are ready to engage and receive the rewards of Sex Magic.


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